Designer of Things

My first love is design. From white board idea to launch, nothing motivates me like the chance to delight users, solve problems, and above all else stay out of the way of the user's intent. 

Detail Orientation

Good vs. great design can hinge on the smallest details. Thorough design processes, consideration of project nuances and other stuff will always leads to better results. 

Don't Stop Never Stopping...

If there's one aspect of the process I could never give up it's learning. Nothing is static. Evolution is key to the way design is created and implemented. Even if it means going back to a method long thought to be dead.

Leadership by Leading

A fundamental part of leadership is understanding the team and their product. Without getting your hands in the dirt, and working side by side with team members, there is no way to guide, support, or achieve your goals.

Communication and Coordination

In my experience, effective team cohesion comes from ensuring the entire team is aligned and working in service of goals that the team itself has produced. A team that is able to cooperate with stakeholders, but ultimately works for itself will have more success than any other type of team.  

Design with Heart

When I design it's from the heart.

Heart should be the foundation of every design. How something feels and interacts is as much an emotional connection as it is a logical one. Something as simple as the way a button clicks or a page loads can impact users on a profound scale.